Tuesday, 23 September 2014

 Govt Girls High School Basima without boundary wall. National Highway-85 passes in front of it. Heavy traffic on road hinders students studies.

Students and teachers of Rakhshan Public School Basima, district Washuk

Zaik, Tehseel Basima, Washuk

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Continuous Negligence of Basima in Developmental Schemes under PSDP of Elected Members

Basima is a tehseel of district Washuk. It contributes one third to total population and area of district. It is main source of technical manpower, teachers and health staff for district. A small infrastructure visible in this disadvantaged tehseel was constructed prior 2000. Afterwards no major developmental scheme initiated here. Only development it secured later on was provision of electricity to Basima town and four villages of it in 2010. Here it is worthwhile to mention that elected MPA’s of Washuk remained members of cabinet of Jam Mohammad Yousuf, Aslam Raisani and now Dr. Abdul Malik too. In past they managed to get favour of local Meers through transfer of unfriendly and politically rival employees to far flung areas and recruitment of their men at low scale posts. Some Meers were lucky enough to get micro schemes like construction of an irrigation bund, digging of a well, diesel powered motors, costing fifty thousand to 3 lac. But this time, Basima was badly ignored in allocation of PSDP 2013-14 of Mir Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Mohammad Hassani, MPA of district.  
Basima was entitled to be district headquarter of newly created district Washuk due to its strategic location, accessibility and favourable climate. It was deprived of this right. Basimains swallowed this bitter pill with hope that they will get due share in developmental schemes and employments. Following utilization of funds and recruitments against vacancies blew their expectations. Political favoritism and nepotism were standard for these. People raised their issues and this discrimination in media and protested against it. Ruling class turned a deaf ear to this.

CM Dr Abdul Malik Baloch and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman
Recent elections and formation of new provincial Govt gave a hope to people of Basima and political victims in Washuk and Mashkel too as National Party was new incumbent in provincial palace. It considers merit and parity its vanguard. MPA of Washuk joined National Party and obtained a ministry. His allocation of PSDP 2013-14 of PA-47 to different developmental schemes has been finalized and tendered. 23 schemes of digging wells, 35 schemes of irrigation bunds, 30 schemes of drilling tripod bores, 2 mud ponds, 3 to 4 schemes of construction of additional rooms in schools and hospitals, and construction of two roads are included in it. Interestingly names of beneficiaries of these schemes are also included in advertisement of these schemes in provincial newspapers. This utilization of public money is appalling. Firstly education, health, communication and environment in whole district are miserable. They deserve first priority in consumption of public money. Single Inter College of district was established in 2009. No single brick has been procured for it yet. Schools have no computer, library and laboratories. Already established insufficient hospitals are lacking basic facilities, ambulance and staff. Roads of district are bumpy and rough. 75% population of district still does not have electricity. Bazars of Basima, Washuk and Mashkel are dusty and dirty. No one is there to keep them clean. Inadequate drainage makes them pond when they get percolation. Ignorance of such fundamental issues and consumption of funds in digging wells, irrigation bunds and ponds, drilling tripod bores is amazing!
 Secondly all these micro schemes have negligible significance on development of agriculture sector of district. Most of beneficiaries (Meers) are close associates of MPA and belong to his native town. This seems these schemes approved to keep intact their political loyalty. It is strange to note that allocation of funds for these mini schemes is according to political weightage of Meers.
Thirdly and foremost is severe negligence of Tehseel Basima in allocation of PSDP. No single of 23 digging well schemes, 35 irrigation bunds schemes and 30 drilling tripod bore schemes is to be executed in Basima. This is a distinct discrimination and has shocked Basimians.
PSDP is public property. It is to be utilized by the elected people upon the people over their problems according to alarming needs of the people. Education, health, electricity, environment and communication are our alarming needs; not digging wells, irrigation bunds and tripod bores. National Party should not turn a blind eye to this unfair and prejudiced allocation of public money. It is disappointing its reserved vote bank in whole district. 
One of the advertisements of PSDP PA-47, Washuk.  No single scheme belongs to Basima.